FEPS One day inhouse seminars and workshops

Including the key topics:

  • Commercial, emerging and advanced flame retardants systems: Markets, systems, strategies, trends
  • Fire regulations and tests: Requirements and approvals, testing and standardization activities
  • Flame retardants and the environment: Compulsory and voluntary requirements, market impact

Fire safety regulations, standardization, fire testing and approval

FEPS provides consultancy for fire safety regulations, standardization, testing and approvals in building & construction, transportation, E&E and other fields.

  • Fire safety regulations and standardization
    Consultancy and studies on national and international developments, and their impact on products strategies for solving problems from current and emerging issues.
  • Fire tests and classifications
    Latest information on existing, modified and new fire tests, and classifications products will have to meet.
  • Fire testing, expert opinions and approval
    Guidance in planning and carrying-out fire tests including expert opinions, preparation and finalization of approval procedures.

Flame retardants, polymers and environmental aspects

Consultancy on commercial, emerging and new flame retardants systems, flame retarded polymers, their markets, and current price levels.
Evaluation of intellectual property characteristics of promising, innovative flame retardants.
Follow-up of environmental aspects impacting on the use of flame retardants and polymers.

  • Flame retardants and polymers
    Monitoring status, new developments and trends in flame retardants systems and flame retarded polymers. Conduction of market studies on specific flame retardants and polymers.
  • Flame retardant formulations
    Guidance in the optimization of conventional flame retardant formulations and in developing advanced systems.
  • Emerging flame retardant systems market preparation
    Feasibility studies and assistance in the development, up-scaling and market preparation for emerging innovative flame retardant systems.
  • Intellectual property
    Intellectual Property (IP) evaluation of flame retardant systems through patent search, analysis and assessment of patents regarding their innovation and market potential.

Environmental aspects

Follow-up of national and international environmental status and trends for flame retardants and polymers. This includes regulatory and voluntary activities from authorities, and non-governmental organizations (industry, pressure groups, consumers), as well as environmental studies and research projects.

FEPS communication activities

FEPS globally organizes and chairs national and international fire safety and flame retardants conferences, seminars and workshops. Tailor-made concepts for plastics & flame retardants associations and single companies, aiming at promoting their communication activities are offered. Since many years, these activities take place in Europe, the USA, and China.