Plastics Flammability Handbook

Dr. Troitzsch is the editor and one of the authors of the "Plastics Flammability Handbook", which was first published in German under the title „Brandverhalten von Kunststoffen“ in 1982. The first English edition was published in 1983 and the second in 1990 by Carl Hanser Publishers, Munich, Germany.
The third edition has been comprehensively revised and updated. It has been published in 2004 by Carl Hanser Publishers, Munich.

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The "Plastics Flammability Handbook" is composed of three parts:

  • Part I „Fundamentals“ was extended and completely rewritten by a team of authors from universities and industry. After an introduction and an overview of the flame retardants‘ market situation, the main topics covered here are burning process, burning of plastics (thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers), flame retardant plastics, textiles, smoke development and suppression.
  • Part II „National and International Fire Protection Regulations and Test Procedures“ extensively covers regulations and fire testing in building (ISO, EU and 20 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific), transportation (automotive and rail vehicles, aircraft and ships), electrical engineering, electronics, wire & cable (International IEC, Americas UL, Europe CENELEC, Asia) as well as furniture and furnishings.
  • Part III „Fire Effluents“ deals with basics and testing of smoke development, toxicity and corrosivity of fire effluents.
  • The Appendix contains lists with suppliers of flame retardants, abbreviations for plastics, terminology of fire protection, international and national standards organizations, electrotechnical safety and standards organizations, abbreviations, journals and books. 


The "Plastics Flammability Handbook" is currently under revision, will be extended, partly rewritten and the fourth edition is foreseen to be published end of 2019.

More publications

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Other Publications

Dr. Troitzsch has written chapters on flame retardants and fire tests in several books, published many articles and reviews. He has presented more than 250 papers at conferences on all aspects of fires, fire safety, plastics, flame retardants and the environment.