Since 1984, FEPS provides international consultancy and scientific expertise on the fire behaviour of plastics, flame retardants, polymer applications, and environmental aspects. Building & construction, mass transportation, electrical & electronic equipment, wire & cable, as well as upholstered furniture and textiles. In parallel, FEPS offers particularly robust and easy-to-handle flammability testing equipment.

FEPS is owned by Dr. Juergen Troitzsch, who gained his chemistry doctorate from Aachen Technical University and worked for 10 years on flame retardants, fire behavior of polymers and fire testing in R&D for a major chemical company. 

Since, he works worldwide as an expert with industry, associations, academic institutions, authorities, standard organizations, and is a member of national and international committees.

Troitzsch has published articles, reviews, book chapters, organizes and chairs conferences, and presented over 250 papers. He is editor of the „Plastics Flammability Handbook", published in 2021 in its 4th Edition.