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Dr. Troitzsch and FEPS provide services in various public and private fields
The public part is shown in the following excerpt:


  • Expert opinions on membrane roofing systems 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1997
    (transparent ETFE-film, PTFE und Silicon coated glass fibers, rubberized fabrics)


  • Report of Environmental Conference of Ministers of the Federal Republic of Germany.
    Expert in the Working Group "Brominated flame retardants", Bonn, September 1989


  • Report on the fire of a PVC plant in Lengerich, North-Rhine Westphalia, October 1992


  • Evaluation of reaction to fire of construction products and fire tests proposals as an expert to the European Commission, DG XII, Brussels, September 1992 and December 1995


  • Since 1995, organization and chair of the German SKZ flame retardants conference,
    Würzburg, Germany.


  • Consultancy and publications on the Düsseldorf Airport Fire, April 11th, 1996


  • Committee Member and author in Environmental Health Criteria EHC for Flame retardants.
     UNEP, ILO, WHO, IPCS. EHC Publication No. 192, Geneva, 1998


  • Feasibility study on the fire behavior and testing of power cables following the Düsseldorf Airport Fire on behalf of the German Building Ministry of the Federal State of North-Rhine Westphalia, Düsseldorf, 1998


  • Study on the fire behavior of TV-sets and PC-monitors with the German State Building Materials Testing Establishment MFPA, Leipzig, Germany, 1998


  • Since 2001, organization and chair of Hanser seminars on fire safety of plastics


  • Expert opinion on fire tests on the façade connection of the Olympic Hall Munich, May 2003


  • Expert opinion on the fire loss of 5 October 2000, Gilde-Brewery, Hannover, September 2003


  • Expert Opinion on fire tests on the membrane roofing system of the New Bangkok International Airport NBIA, Bangkok, June 2004


  • Expert Opinion on fire tests on the membrane roofing system of Meilenwerk, a vintage car center in Düsseldorf, August 2005


  • Consortium member of the European Union FP 6 Research Project: Predicting Fire Behaviour of Nanocomposites (PREDFIRE), 2005-2008


  • Project coordinator for VDE round-robin Glow Wire Ignition Test to IEC 60695-2-13, 2006-2008


  • Since 2009, organization and chair of the International SKZ flame retardants conference in Shanghai and Guangzhou, China.


  • Consortium member of the European Union FP 7 Research Project:
    Processing and Upscaling of Fire-Resistant Nano-Filled Thermosetting Polyester Resin (POLYFIRE)
    September 2009 - August 2012



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